Dendrelaphis punctulatus

Green Tree Snake at Kununurra, WA

Dendrelaphis punctulatus at Kununurra, WA - 21 Sep 2022
Dendrelaphis punctulatus at Kununurra, WA - 21 Sep 2022
Dendrelaphis punctulatus at Kununurra, WA - 21 Sep 2022
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Dendrelaphis punctulatus 23 May 2023 AaronClausen
Unidentified 22 Feb 2023 AaronClausen

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AaronClausen wrote:
   3 May 2023
Hi @wombey golden tree snake for you
wombey wrote:
   3 May 2023
Very nice, they are that golden colour in the top end. You can confirm id, I don't seem to able from here
AaronClausen wrote:
   23 May 2023
Thanks @wombey - are these guys actually the same species as the common green tree snake from down south, just with a local colour variation from being up in the top end? Both seem to be called Dendrelaphis punctulatus
wombey wrote:
   23 May 2023
Yes. Although there are several names appearing in the literature including the description of a specimen from Port Essington, NT, 1842, as Dendrophis (Ahetula) olivacea, current convention is that they all the same species. The type specimen as Leptophis punctulatus, 1826, is actually from WA.
jks wrote:
   30 Oct 2023
@AaronClausen thoughts on making king @wombey a global reptile moderator?
AaronClausen wrote:
   8 Nov 2023
Absolutely a top idea. @wombey Hi John - would you be keen on taking this on?
wombey wrote:
   8 Nov 2023
Aaron, While I am as familiar with most Australian herps as the next herpo, I am not sure what you mean by "global" moderator. I can usually work things out, but don't consider myself as an expert world wide! How does this fit in with a local nature map? Call me on 0411255546 if it is easier to talk.

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  • 4 - 15 Abundance
  • 21 Sep 2022 09:41 AM Recorded on
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